We help our clients accomplish their 
domestic and international business objectives.


Castro Strategies provides clients strategic counsel and technical tax advice on a wide-array of regulatory and policy issues before the U.S. Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and U.S. Congress — with an emphasis on the tax-writing committees. The firm also has expertise at the international level, having collaborated on tax matters with foreign governments from all major regions of the world at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Jorge Castro, the firm's Founder and Principal, is among the most well-respected tax professionals in Washington.  His intellect and collegiality have earned Jorge an outstanding reputation and strong relationships across the political spectrum in Congress, in the halls of the IRS and Treasury Department, and at the OECD and revenue agencies internationally.



Equipped with significant experience at the IRS, Senate, and House of Representatives, Castro Strategies is uniquely positioned to help clients navigate the legislative and regulatory process from beginning to end  from committee action, to House and Senate floor consideration, all the way through regulatory implementation.

Tax Regulatory and Compliance Issues.  With experience at the highest levels at the IRS, Castro Strategies advises clients on a variety of regulatory issues.  The firm works hand-in-hand with clients to develop and execute an effective strategy to meets their goals.  Castro Strategies provides in-depth analysis of how IRS and Treasury guidance and regulations impact clients, and formulates a plan to develop favorable solutions to their tax issues.  Castro Strategies also advises clients on compliance and examination matters before the IRS.

Tax Policy.  Castro Strategies provides clients counsel and analysis of tax legislation before Congress, particularly the tax-writing committees.  The firm has significant experience working with the House Ways and Means Committee, the Senate Finance Committee, Congressional leadership offices, and the Joint Committee on Taxation.  Castro Strategies has intimate knowledge of committee and floor procedure, including Congressional interaction with the White House and Treasury Department.  The firm possesses a keen, first-hand understanding of the policy-making process, which allows it to develop effective strategies and to achieve legislative solutions for clients.



The G20 countries have made international tax issues a top priority, recently calling on the OECD to develop and implement an action plan to address base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) and create a new standard of automatic exchange of information.  Leveraging its international experience working with key tax regulators worldwide, Castro Strategies helps multinational corporations understand and assess how this new global agenda affects their business objectives.

OECD.  Castro Strategies has experience working with the OECD, having collaborated with countries from all regions of the world on a variety of tax matters.  The firm advises clients on policy discussions currently taking place at the OECD that will have a significant impact on business, analyzing the effects and developing a strategy to become involved in the debate. 

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).  FATCA is the most comprehensive legislation ever passed by the U.S. Congress aimed at increasing compliance by Americans through information reporting and withholding.  Castro Strategies advises both U.S. and foreign-based clients on how to prepare for FATCA implementation beginning in 2014.  The firm has substantive experience on FATCA, having worked on the implementing regulations since its inception in 2010, providing Castro Strategies unique insights into potential risks and cost-saving opportunities for clients.


Castro Strategies delivers clients a fresh, proactive perspective on crisis management.  The firm works with clients to effectively manage government investigations and reduce legal and public relations risks.

Congressional Investigations.  Castro Strategies navigates clients through the Congressional investigation process, blending a mix of legal, legislative, political, and media-savvy skills.  In May 2013, Jorge Castro, the firm's Founder and Principal, was tasked with leading the IRS investigations team on tax-exempt matters, managing all aspects of legislative outreach.  Jorge worked closely with four Congressional investigative committees in the Senate and House of Representatives, and he earned a reputation for being an honest-broker on both sides of the aisle.